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  • Necklace 360°
  • Necklace 360°
  • Necklace 360°
  • Necklace 360°
  • Necklace 360°

Necklace 360°

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  • Made by us with love in the highest quality
  • produced in a sustainable, fair and resource-saving manner
  • Designed and manufactured by us in Germany
  • plastic free; packaged in recycled materials
  • CO² neutral delivered to your home

Stainless steel necklace with integrated OK, wow! – Trailer 360°.

Stainless steel offers excellent properties as a material for jewelry. It is robust, does not tarnish and proves to be very durable even in everyday use.

Our black jewelery has a special surface that is applied using a sophisticated manufacturing process called PVD. With this so-called "Physical Vapor Deposition", a technique that is mainly used in the production of medical tools or for very high-quality watches, the pieces of jewelery are completely coated with a layer of titanium nitride, an extremely dense and exceptionally hard metal compound. Applied in a vacuum, the jewelry receives long-lasting protection that impresses with its rich black. The hardness of the surface corresponds to that of sapphires.

All pieces are handcrafted with love. We pay careful attention to fair and resource-saving production as well as high-quality sources of supply. We only use recycled gold for plating. Manufactured in Pforzheim, DE